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Winx Club Cosplay Tutorial - Musa

This cosplay tutorial only requires basic sewing skills using a sewing machine and only took me one evening to make.

I'm a long time Winx Club fan and used to dream about being able to cosplay as the characters, but didn't think it would be possible for me since there weren't many pre-made costumes available, and I barely knew how to hand stitch. How could I make a costume entirely from scratch?!

Turns out, even for a novice sewer, it was pretty easy to figure out! This is the second Winx Club cosplay I've made. I also made a Stella cosplay for Halloween in 2019, which you can check out here.

Watch the full video tutorial on YouTube:

Materials used:

If you're new to sewing and don't want to invest a lot of money into a nice sewing machine, I tried this cheap portable sewing machine and was surprised by what it was capable of.

Try checking out your local library as well. You'd be surprised by the things they loan out!

  • Thread of desired color

It can be a pain to rethread a sewing machine, so I personally didn't want to bother threading mine with red thread for Musa. I used white, which gave it a bit of a Y2K flare. Personally, I think white, black, or red would work well!\

(But let's be real.... I just used whatever scissors I had available)

  • Pins (to hold pieces of fabric together)

Wing materials

(These are the materials I used, but I recommend following a more detailed wing tutorial)'

Other pieces used:

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