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I Bought Barbie's Entire Wardrobe!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

(Easy Barbie cosplay / Halloween costume)

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With the Barbie movie in theaters now, I couldn't resist the opportunity to put together an entire Barbie wardrobe. And as a bald cosplayer, I had to include my favorite Barbie wigs!

The Wigs:

Angelica by Noriko (Rene of Paris) - Creamy Blonde

This is a long time favorite of mine, which is why I have it in about 8 different colors! This wig is available with a machine-tied cap, or a partial-monofilament cap.

Levy by Amore (Rene of Paris) - Seashell Blonde-R

This wig is an adorable retro style from the Amore collection, which is specifically designed for those with hairloss (but can be worn by anyone!) It features a double-monofilament cap for ultimate comfort and realism.

The Outfits:

Here are all the outfits I used to put together my Barbie wardrobe, as well as a few more options to try!

Beach Barbie

For this look, I found this adorable Pink Crochet Dress which I will definitely be wearing to the beach all summer!

I paired that with a pink sunhat that I found at a small shop, and in true Barbie fashion– found a pink purse to match.

I couldn't find the link to the exact sunhat and purse I used, but this sunhat is similar, and I love this purse as an option. These are the sunglasses I used, and they work perfectly for all these Barbie looks!


Cowboy Barbie

For this look, I went the classic cosplay route. There are lots of Barbie cosplays available online, and this one worked great for my uses. It's definitely "cosplay quality," but would be perfect for a Barbie costume. In the future, I would love to try making my own if I ever find the motivation. I paired that with this white cowboy hat.

Retro/Derby Barbie

This look was more "Barbie inspired" rather than an exact Barbie cosplay. For this look, any pink vintage style dress would work great. I highly recommend wearing a petticoat underneath for that "full skirt" effect.

Here are some dress options:

Vintage 50s/60s Style dresses:


Roller-skate Barbie

This look is another replica of one of the costumes worn in the movie. Although it's a cosplay look, I'm now going to look for any excuse to wear this outfit. Although I might get the side eye if I wear this to the gym.


Roller Skates (I have this pair and love them!)

Workout Barbie (Classic)



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Jul 31, 2023

Thank you for the links, my new wardrobe will be vintage from Amazon,


Jul 31, 2023

Better than Barbie, is Abby!

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