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What message do you want your video to convey?

Filming video content.

Optional white screen or green screen backdrop.


Editing video footage and creating graphics.

Need someone to represent your company? I also act as an on-camera or voiceover talent.

On-Camera Talent


I worked on staff at Samsung creating product tutorial videos. I scripted, produced, and acted as on-camera talent for a series of videos. 

I work with Rene of Paris to create content for their YouTube channel and Instagram. I create video concepts and scripts and film myself in my home studio.

I worked on staff at Brooklyn Brew Shop creating videos for the brand, and their sister company "FarmSteady." I wrote tutorial scripts for their YouTube channel, filmed with a 2-camera setup, edited, and created graphics for these videos.

Live Music Videography

I film live events with a multi-camera setup. 

Additional editing services provided. 


Nassau County, NY

Thanks for submitting!

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