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Favorite Lash and Brow Products for Alopecia

I’ve had alopecia since I was 3, and for most of my life, that has also meant sparse lashes and brows. It’s a struggle most people overlook when thinking about hair loss, but those of us that deal with alopecia know the struggle all too well.

There are plenty of pictures of me in my tweens before I ever thought to draw my eyebrows on that used to make me cringe. Then there was the phase of thin, cartoony brows, then a brief phase of THICK, uneven brows (taking the saying “eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins” to a whole other level).

Since then, I’ve picked up a few tricks from YouTube videos, fellow alopecians on Instagram, as well as a few makeup artists that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. So, while I’m sure my eyebrows from this era will make me cringe 10 years from now, for now, I’m pretty happy with the tricks I’ve learned!

Here are my favorite lash and brow products right now for alopecia:


This product will always be my tried and true, and therefore, has to be the first on my list. I discovered this product in my era of thin, cartoony brows. While testing new products at a Sephora, one of the makeup artists there sat me down and did my brows for me. She showed me how to use the product with the brush to draw on individual brow hairs instead of one thick horizontal line per brow. Why had I never thought of that?!

When using this product, use an angled brush (I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills 7B angled brow brush) and use very little product at a time. It’s better to layer it than to put it on too dark and thick right off the bat. I use the color medium brown because I feel it works for both blonde and brunette looks, depending how much you layer the product.

This is a product that I’ve been using every day for almost a year now. While I definitely consider the previous product a better quality product, there are a few reasons that this is the one I use every day. First, it’s way cheaper at just $5.50 per pencil. It also has a very fine tip which makes it very easy to draw on individual brow hairs. It’s also nice because you only have to carry around one product, instead of two (the pomade and a brush to go with it). I will say, however, that after a few hours of wear, this product can get a little smudgey if you have oily/combination skin like I do.

I also go through each pencil pretty quickly (maybe in 1-2 months) where as the Dip Brow Pomade lasted me literally over 2 years…?! (Although I would not recommend keeping any product longer than the recommended amount of time on the package!)

But despite these things, I will still continue to buy this product because I know I can apply it very quickly and with ease, whereas the previous product requires a little bit more care with application.

Video tutorial:

3. WunderBrow – best waterproof option!

WunderBrow has blown my mind time and time again. This product is fantastically waterproof. I’ve gone snorkeling and swimming with it on multiple occasions my browns stayed completely intact. One time, I even washed my face in the shower with this product on and they were still there when I got out of the shower. (That being said, a good makeup remover will still get them off, so don’t be afraid that it will stain your skin if you mess up the application.) But if I’m careful, one application of this product can last me 2-3 days.

However, it does take a bit more practice to apply. The product itself has a brush applicator which I almost never use. I highly recommend using this product with a small, angled brush (nothing fancy) to help make precise brow hairs. I would recommend using a dedicated brush for this as it may mess up the bristles.

It may take a few tries to get used to applying this product, but I HIGHLY recommend it for waterproof brows.


1. Favorite natural-looking lashes

My favorite “natural” looking lashes might be someone else’s version of dramatic lashes, but to each their own! You can definitely go even more basic than the ones here, but at that point, I say why bother going through the struggle to put on lashes at all?!

I usually buy these in a multi-pack and keep them around because I know I’ll use them eventually. The band is also very thin, comfortable, and flexible, which makes for easier application. If the band is too long for your eye shape, just trim a bit from the side where the lashes are longer.

Another good basic one that's easy to apply, and also pretty cheap for a multi-pack. Between these two types of lashes, I usually tend to just buy whichever I find at the store, or whichever I can find for the best price!

2. Favorite dramatic lashes

Again, this is definitely up to personal preference. When I go full glam on nights out, I LOVE me a dramatic eyelash. I tend to lean towards the ones with varied length rather than the ones where the lashes are uniform length. As an animal lover and vegan I also stay far away from mink lashes- which is quite an upsetting trend at the moment, considering you can get those ultra glam lashes without using animal hair!

When I shop for dramatic lashes, I don't really have one particular lash style that I go for, but these are a few styles I've loved in the past!

Eylure Exaggerate - Long and lush, but still on the voluminous, glam side

Eylure Definition - More of a "doll" look (which I personally love!)

Eylure Vegas Nay Grand Glamour - The classic Tana Mongeau lashes (before she started gluing Mink fur to her eyes, that is!) Very big and doll-like, which may be overpowering on some face/eye shapes! Other styles in this line are great as well, like the Bronze Beauty lashes.

Ardell Faux Mink 811 - This are somewhere on the line between dramatic and natural.

3. Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes – Lash Liner

There’s a new alternative for those of us that hate putting on lashes with lash glue: magnetic eyeliner.

This product was a game changer for me when I first discovered it because I already wear black liquid liner on a regular basis. So to be able to just stick my lashes to that? I’ll certainly take that over getting lash glue in my eye and ruining my entire makeup look that I just spend 20 minutes putting on.

Now that I’ve gotten more used to applying regular false eyelashes, I use these less often, but they’re a fantastic alternative for people who just can’t get used to lash glue.

There are a few brands of magnetic eyeliner on the market, but I liked this one in particular because it seemed to have a decent reputation with a few other beauty gurus like Tati Westbrook, and because it’s vegan (unlike Moxie Lash, which contains beeswax!)

My Video Review:

4. Favorite Lash Glue: Duo Quick-Set, Dark Tone

I already said that Lash Liner was a game changer. But I discovered this lash glue shortly after, and it was an even BIGGER game changer for me. This lash glue is quick drying, which makes it FAR easier to work with than traditional lash glue.

I prefer using the one that dries dark because it blends into my black eyeliner, but they also offer one that dries clear. Once you put the lash glue on the band with the applicator, you can apply it almost immediately, unlike traditional lash glue which requires you to wait about 30 seconds to allow the product to get tacky before applying. I find this even faster to work with as Lash Liner, and still quite easy.

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