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Elsa Cosplay Tutorial

This post is all about how I made my DIY Elsa costume! When I was making this costume, I was a little pressed for time. So when I was deciding whether to buy a premade costume or to make it myself, I definitely knew I wanted to make it myself, but also wanted a guarantee that I would have a costume ready by the time I needed it. So as a backup, I also purchased two premade Elsa costumes.

(Spoiler alert: I ended up returning both of them!)

Check out this video for a really easy tutorial on how to make your own Elsa costume. All the materials I used are listed below.

Supplies Used:

(I got size S)

(I got a medium)

Sheer Blue Table Runner (used for cape)

Rhinestone Kit (with tools):

-Be careful with this because mine frustratingly bust open from the back and most of the bottle was wasted 😢

A little flimsy. Only work on thin fabric.

Premade dresses I tried:

This dress was one of the cheapest I could find, but the quality actually surprised me! Definitely a great option. Slightly sheer, but I didn't feel the need to wear anything extra under it except maybe a thin pair of shorts to be safe.

I also tried this one from party city. I got a small and it fit me all around except the sleeves which were TINY. I thought I would be trapped in it.

I'm not sure a medium would have worked for me because even if the sleeves were wider, the rest of the dress probably would have been too big.

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